Blogging has grown since it started as a hobby way back in the late 90’s, yet there’s still a misconception among small business owners that it’s not necessary. People! If you’re not blogging, you’re losing out on a wide audience of leads and potential sales.

Getting Traffic

You know when you’re at the mall. You’re passing by a store and you see an item in the window that intrigues you. What do you do? You go in to get more info. Heck, you might even buy the item. If, instead of a window, the store had brick walls, would you still go in? I hardly think so.

Your website works the same. Simply having your keywords on your website will never get your website to rank in search engines. Most of your website is pretty static. Your home page, about us page, services and contact page probably haven’t been changed since your website was built. So why would people revisit your page.

Having a blog means that your website will rank for search queries related to those posts, regardless of whether people are looking for your services. Beyond search engines, visitors who like your blog post will share it with their friends. Now you get social media involved and we all know how social media has a tendency to go viral. Basically, you get the traffic. With some savvy, you can turn those visitors into leads.

How to Convert Blog Traffic to Leads

The great thing about having your own website is that you can make it do exactly what you want. A blog post gives you a platform to add more than just an article. Why not add some call-to-action elements within the post or even better, below the post, enticing your reader to take some further action before they leave. Freebies and discounts are two very popular and very successful methods used to acquire leads. Simply directing them to another blog article is also a way to keep them engaged.

Furthermore, you could write blog posts related to your services. This is my favourite method of conversion. For example, if you are a curtains-and-blinds specialist, you could have a blog that shows people the proper way to clean and maintain their blinds, and that end, have some call-to-action text enticing people to get a new look by getting new blinds. This is an example but with some thought and planning, there are endless possibilities.

Why your business needs a blog.

Blogging Establishes Authority

You are a professional in your field. You know that, but how do you convince other people. Writing blogs indicates to your readers that you know what you’re talking about. You have years of training, experience and knowledge so you are the best at what you do. Simply telling people you do just won’t do.

Ongoing Free Advertising

As I’ve said in our previous post (What is SEO?), the great thing about the Internet, unlike print media, is longevity. Your post will be around for years to come, meaning it will continue to appear in search results. Other bloggers will link to it and other’s will keep sharing it with little-to-no further work on your part.


Last but not least. A blog post can be an excellent tool to interact with your audience. You could start a survey, or even post an opinion article to get people talking. Getting input from your leads and buyers is a great way to determine how they view you, and also helpful if you’re considering further development on your products or services.

We live in a world where people consume content on a massive scale. Dormant, static websites that haven’t been updated since 2007 simply won’t cut it anymore. People want to be engaged. They want to laugh and cry and have real thought-provoking discussions online. If you’re not engaging people, you’ll lose them. So start a blog today!