Getting your business online is absolutely imperative today. It’s no wonder more and more companies that offer the service are popping up. You may be considering getting a website for your business but not sure whether it should cost you a once-off fee or if you should go with one of the many agencies who offer a monthly fee. The right choice depends entirely on your business. So, let’s take a look at how they differ.

Once-Off Web Design

Once-off website design is, by far, the most popular choice among business owners. In fact, once-off anything is usually thought to be the better choice. Yet, just like cellphones and vehicles, once-off payments for certain services can either save you money or force you to spend a bucket load of money you could have saved otherwise.

When Is Once-Off Web Design The Right Choice?

You Have Your Own Crew

The most important thing to consider when choosing to pay for your website once-off is the maintenance thereafter. If you already have staff or an agency who are skilled at marketing, technology (specifically html, css, javascript, php etc…) and copywriting, then this option could be the most beneficial to you. This will ensure your website is functioning as the marketing tool it was built to be.

Website Cost: Once-Off vs. Monthly Payment

Pay For What You Need, Nothing More

Give your web designer a list of your needs and he or she will quote you based on exactly that. No more, no less. You get the website you’ve always wanted without paying for the flashy and expensive features you didn’t want. Or maybe you wanted the flashy features but chose to omit the dull and boring bit you didn’t want. Either way, you score.

You Can Accommodate For Additional Costs

There’s more to managing a website than simply having it built and left as is. Besides the time that goes into maintaining it, there are some monetary costs associated with simply having it running. Your hosting and annual domain registration cost are mandatory, but an SSL Certificate cost and any additional software licences may also be added. At times you may wish to add or remove features from your website. You may even want to give it a complete revamp. Such services are usually charged at an hourly rate and be quite pricey. If you’ve budgeted for these costs or your website helps bring in enough cash to justify these costs, then once-off web design may very well serve you fine.

Web Design at a Monthly Fee

I have yet to see two companies with a similar pricing structure when it comes to monthly web design costs. The prices vary so much it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to choose. One thing to remember is that your website is your company’s home on the Internet. Essentially, you’ll want to channel all your digital marketing efforts to bring traffic here. So it’s important that you make sure that everything you’re paying for is contributing to that goal.

When is Web Design With a Monthly Cost The Right Choice?

You Have a Marketing Budget

If you can fit your website’s cost into your monthly marketing budget, then this option will work for you. It means your website is running optimally without having the concern of paying extra if something goes wrong or if you require amendments.

A monthly marketing budget is critical. If you don’t have one, I would highly suggest putting one together. Coupled with analytics and sales data, it can help you narrow down effective and ineffective channels to pinpoint what works best for your company. All this without overspending and wasting money.

To make things a little easier we’ve put together this marketing budget plan template as a free download. Now go forth and plan.

Your Department Manager is Not a Web Designer, Give Him a Break

When you choose to have an agency take care of your website you know you constantly have professionals on the job. Especially if it’s the same company that built the website in the first place. They know exactly where that little line of code went wrong or why your images are suddenly showing little x’s. As a business owner or even manager, you’ve already got so much on your plate, you don’t need that kind of stress.

Make Them Work For It

When you’re on monthly plan, your agency will make sure you’re always happy. Even if you nag them, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep you from taking your business elsewhere. This means you’ll always get the best work out of them.

Website Cost: Once-Off vs. Monthly Payment

No Additional Costs

Like BluSilva, most companies will fully disclose exactly what you’re paying for so you know what you’re entitled to. This means that you won’t have any surprises later on. Usually, agencies include hosting, domain registration and SSL in the pricing, but it’s wise to make sure.

How to Choose a Website Design Pricing Structure?

Your company is unique so even after reading all of the above, you may still be unsure. Here’s a quick question that can help. Can you take care of maintaining your website? If the answer is “yes”, and you have the savvy to look after your website, then paying for it once-off just makes sense. If you don’t know anything about web design, save yourself the headache and frustration and leave it to people who do.

BluSilva Monthly Fees are More Than Just Website Design

In fact, if you’re on a BluSilva monthly plan, we don’t even charge you for the design and build of your website. That’s right. Neither do we charge for hosting or SSL. We are content creators so our goal is to market your business by producing high quality content such as blog posts, social media posts and graphic design elements that make your business stand out. That’s what you pay for. Since it’s crucial to have a website, we just throw it into the package as well.

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