Mbatsani Africa specializes in corporate wardrobes that translate the fundamental value of your brand and product.
Built on foundations of honesty, integrity, dependability and flexibility, they continually strive to offer complete, creative, educated and intelligent solutions to your corporate clothing needs.

Their years of knowledge in clothing and textiles afford them an advantage to accurately evaluate fabrics during procurement and allow them to maintain high standards of quality fabrics.

With a hands-on culture, their directors are experienced in all critical disciplines that include: technical manufacturing, textiles, fashion and design stemming from years of practical experience.
Collectively, they possess more than 50 years in the clothing and textile industry.

Mbatsani Africa Uniforms

Why Corporate Clothing?

They understand the importance of a strong brand. They also understand the increase of strength in your product image. As a unique identifier, a strong brand means to differentiate from competitors, evoking feelings of trust, confidence, security and strength that increase the value of your product.

Corporate clothing is a key marketing tool

It is one that communicates the quality of your product or service, what it can do and how well it does. The sublime communication endorsed by your staff members continuously reinforces your presence in the market place.

As countless people come into contact with your staff both during a normal working day and after hours, they can easily be identified and it creates a link between the services received.

Investing in a corporate wardrobe translates the intrinsic value of your product

It communicates how progressive your company is and how serious you are about your business.

When launching a new corporate ID, a corporate wardrobe compliments helping your customer to accept the new brand and reassuring both existing and potential customers of your stability in the market.

Cohesion between your staff and your brand is created and your choice of clothing communicates the brand personality and will help your target market identify with your staff members.