Content marketing is getting increasingly competitive and noisy. In a 2015 survey by the Content Marketing Institute, 77% of marketers reported using content marketing for their strategy. 76% planned to increase their content production in 2016. There’s lots of content fighting for your audience’s attention so marketers need more than just good writing to set themselves apart.

As you plan your content marketing strategy, consider using design and visual storytelling to differentiate your content from the competition.

Why Visual Content & Design?

Rather than explain why the visual element of content marketing is so important, let’s try the show and don’t tell method with an infographic:

visual design is important infographic

We are a visual culture and as such, people respond better to visual content. We even process and retain information more efficiently when presented in a visual way. With so many performance advantages, it’s clear how design can elevate written content.

Next, find out how you can Boost Your Marketing Strategy With Images and Video.

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