A cursory glance at the work of Photographic Artist Keren Stanley’s portfolio transports you into a magical land far, far away where once upon a time, daring and bold love-smitten princes journeyed perilously, traversing deep dark forests and swampy marshes, slaying dragons and dodging bandits to rescue distressed damsels in haunted castle towers, high up above the clouds.

Keren Stanley

Kerens stunning artwork is surreal. It’s magical & peaceful. It’s mystical. It’s adventurous. It is beautiful. At least in the eye of this beholder.

Keren Stanley

A self-confessed introvert, tea-drinking, book-reading, rain-loving surrealist photographer living in South Africa, Keren describes his work as
“conceptual, editorial, fine art & film photography.”

Keren Stanley

On 29 September 2017 Keren wrote: “When I was younger, my first inclination was toward film. As a young kid I wanted to direct movies and I’d imagine different scenes and what they’d look and sound like. I try to create a cinematic feel to most of the portrait images I take like it could be a still from a movie. I personally find it difficult to evoke an emotion from a single image, a sort of ‘in medias res’ so I’m really looking forward to experimenting with film one day”.

And then one day, he experimented with film! His wife Nik who is featured in this short video below, is magnificent! She is the leading Lady in Keren’s images, his films, his life, his soul. Keren always says that he looks for inspiration everywhere: in people, in stories, in nature, in his deep & intricate mind… But I think SHE is his motivation. She is his muse. And she gets to live in a fairytale that this brilliant artist is creating. Dreams really do come true?

Keren started his photography journey in 2012, but only really committed to it in 2014. Since then, not only has he exhibited his artwork locally at the Hilton Arts Festival in 2015, but also internationally at Image Nation Paris in 2017. We at BluSilva are excited to see where he will go to from here!

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