BluSilva Content Marketing Terms and Conditions

Before signing up for any of our BluSilva Content Marketing products, it is required that you thoroughly read and understand our terms and conditions.

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General terms and conditions

Hosting terms and conditions

Web Design terms and conditions

Graphic Design terms and conditions

Marketing terms and conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. You understand that any unused hours and/or services will not carry over to the next month.

1.2. Additional services exceeding allocated time or quantity are charged at R250 per hour and will be billed on an hour to hour basis.

1.3. All work must be approved by you via email from the list of emails you’ve designated as responsible persons before it is released. It is of utmost importance that this is done timeously as a successful marketing strategy can be time sensitive.

1.4. You may upgrade, downgrade or cancel your service at any time, maximum 3 times a year. Changes will be effective from the first (1st) day of the following month.

1.5. Billing is done in advance on the first (1st) day of every month.

1.6. Your first month will be billed pro-rata on the day of activation and all services will be pro-rated as well.

1.7. Any disputes with billing must be reported to BluSilva Art & Design within 30 days of billing.

1.8. We, BluSilva Art & Design, take full responsibility for any original work published on our initiative. We do not, however, take any responsibility for any images or content received from our clients. It is the client’s responsibility to check that any images provided are free of copyrights and that all content is true and has been fact-checked.

1.9. All original content created by BluSilva Art & Design remains our intellectual property for three (3) months after creation. Thereafter, said property transfers to the client for whom the content was created provided they have no outstanding payments on their account. A client may request content sooner than three (3) months after its creation, however, BluSilva Art & Design reserves the right to either decline or honour the request at the discretion of management staff.

1.10. You agree that these terms may change and that you will check regularly for changes on the BluSilva website at

1.11. You agree to provide BluSilva Art & Design with true and correct information.

1.12. You agree that abusive behaviour towards BluSilva Art & Design staff or brand will not be tolerated.

1.13. You agree that failing to pay your BluSilva account on time may lead to account termination and/or administrative fees and possible reconnection fees for the domain.

1.14. You agree that either yourself or BluSilva Art & Design may cancel this contract by giving the other at least 48 hours notice. The contract will be terminated on the last day of the month.

2. Hosting Terms and Conditions

2.1. Domains can only be provided if your chosen domain is available.

2.2. Your domain is rented, by you, annually from a domain registrar and not BluSilva. The price can vary from R80 to R200 depending on the domain you have chosen.

2.3. All hosting is provided through Afrihost servers. A full list of Afrihost domain and hosting terms and conditions can be found at and

3. Web Design Terms and Conditions

3.1. Your website may take up to seven (7) working days to complete and is dependent on your timeous delivery of content and information to us.

3.2. Certain website components such as web stores, shopping carts, member areas, client areas, payments from and to you and other similar items may require the use of external programs. As such, additional fees may apply for the purchase of such programs as these are web development components and are outside the scope of the web design. Web development is not covered by your BluSilva Content Marketing subscription.

3.3. All BluSilva Content Marketing Plans (Teal, Cobalt, Azure and Cerulean) allow you to request any minor changes, at any time on your website.

3.4. We understand that times change and your website may need major changes from time to time. As such, you may, once a year, request major changes to your websites layout and theme.

3.5. No coding, media, or content will be released to you if you choose to move to a new host within three (3) months of signing up for any of our BluSilva Content Marketing Plans.

4. Graphic Design Terms and Conditions

4.1. Graphic design does not include the cost of printing, manufacturing and materials. We will provide a quote from a local professional printer.

5. Marketing Terms and Conditions (Blogging and Social Media Marketing)

5.1. Blogging and Social Media Marketing will only commence once your website is built and approved by you.

5.2. Blogging and Social Media Marketing will be done on a week to week basis.

5.3. It is up to you, as the client, to notify us of any specific marketing campaigns you’d like to pursue. This must be done at least (seven) 7 days in advance. If we have not received any correspondence from you, we will post industry related news on your website and social media and form marketing campaigns at our discretion. These will still need to be approved by you.

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