The Minority Front is a socio-political party with a purpose to participate within the true principles of democracy. The Minority Front (MF) wants, not only to receive benefits from South Africa, but to work for them. Therefore, we insist that affirmative action policies include the disadvantaged minorities, because sound economic and political justice is ensured through honesty, responsibility and respect for the rule of law.

The MF believes that equality is the mother of justice and must be exercised unconditionally, irrespective of race, class, creed, age, gender and status.Superficial use of pro-human rights in the constitution must be avoided at all costs by leaders in our country, therefore we strongly reject the use of race tokenism to manipulate the economical, socio-cultural and political system.The MF stands for meaningful co-operation. We strongly believe that tolerance leads to peaceful co-existence. Our long-term vision is to evolve into an umbrella body, addressing the unique needs of minorities all over S.A.