About BluSilva

BluSilva is an ongoing Art and Design venture started by Brinley Vaughn Pavitt in 2012. It has become the brand for every project we’re involved in, be it personal or commissioned works. Our aim is for the umbrella that is BluSilva to encompass more than just the services we offer, but rather for it to be a curation of any creative ideas, projects and people we may stumble upon. Particularly, but not limited to, South African digital art and its creators.


About Brinley

about brinley profile pic I am a graphic designer by trade and a full-time creative being. Although I have a Computer Graphic Art diploma, I continue to study and learn where I can, including watching and reading a multitude of online tutorials and ideas. Sadly, I’ve never had the privilege of going to art school, but with the help of the Internet and some fellow artists, I’ve managed to learn a great deal. I must admit though, as much as I enjoy doing anything which gives my creative “muscles” a work-out, drawing is my biggest passion. There’s no greater joy for me than being able to project something that was once an involuntary visual secret in my mind onto a medium other people can interact with.

Other than art and design I have some other interests and hobbies. They are music, a little web development (HTML & CSS), crafts, electronics, reading and writing, 3d designing and 3d modelling. I hope to delve into game development at some point before my journey comes to an end.

And that’s me in a-little-more than a nutshell. 🙂

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